WEDNESDAY - November 4, 2015

Effective Chemical Safety Management Workshop:                                          8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Recent Advances in Chemical Physics Symposia

Welcome Reception:  5:30 pm to 8 pm

THURSDAY - November 5, 2015

Recent Advances in Chemical Physics Symposia

Sustainability Workshop

WCC Luncheon

(Dr. Ann Nalley, former ACS President is the Keynote Speaker)

ACS Career Workshop: Resume Reviews:

            8:30 am - 12 noon  & 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Undergraduate Mixer: 5 pm - 6pm

Bar-B-Que Dinner  6:00 pm - 9:15 pm

(Live music provided by Ben Bradford, rising country music star)

FRIDAY - November 6, 2015

Plenary Lecture - Dr. Lawrence J. DeLucas

(Dr. DeLucas is a Former NASA Astronaut and Current Director of the Center for Biophysical Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham-Sponsored by Eastman Chemical Company)

Recent Advances in Chemical Physics Symposia

Chemical Industry in the South Workshop

Undergraduate Program

ACS Career Workshop: Career Pathways

SERMACS/SWRM Awards Luncheon

                        (Sponsored by Eastman Chemical Company)

Ice Cream Social with ACS Governance

Southern Chemist Award Dinner 

SWRM Board Dinner & Meeting

(6 pm - 9 pm, Room 205/201 Memphis Cook Convention Center)

SATURDAY - November 7, 2015

SERMACS Board Breakfast & Meeting

(8:30 am - noon , Room 201 Memphis Cook Convention Center)

Graduate School Fair

Sustainability in the Chemical Industry: Challenges and Opportunities Workshop

Sustainability in the Chemical Industry Luncheon

High School Chemistry  Teachers Workshop

(High School Chemistry Teachers'  Breakfast and Luncheon)

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Dinner (6:15 pm - 7:30 pm)

(Sponsored by Eastman Chemical Company)