Platinum Sponsor                   $5,000 - $20,000

Gold sponsors pay part of the cost of a symposium or event.  They may help organize a symposium or suggest speakers for a symposium they sponsor.  They may also help sponsor a lunch, dinner, or workshop.  They will receive a half-page ad in the program book and registration for 1 person for each $1,000 in sponsorship.  They will also be acknowledged on a sign outside of each event they sponsor. 

Platinum Sponsors provide general assistance for the meeting or may pay the costs of an entire event. They may receive a booth in the SERMACS exposition or a full-page ad in the program book.  They will receive acknowledgement for all events they sponsor and on the web page.  They will also receive registration for 1 person per $1,000 of sponsorship.  Special programming requests will be considered.

Bronze sponsors receive a business card size ad in the program book and acknowledgement on the web site.  Sponsored events might include refreshment breaks, receptions, workshops, undergraduate programming, etc.

        Gold Sponsor                            $3,000 - $5,000

                                          Sponsoring 2015 SERMACS-SWRM

Sponsoring activities at SERMACS 2015 is easy.  Determine the amount that you wish to contribute (see table below) and contact Dennis Merat at to let him know you want to help sponsor SERMACS 2015.  SERMACS Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization so all sponsorships are tax deductible.

                               LEVEL                                   AMOUNT                                                              INCENTIVE PACKAGE      

Silver Sponsor                        $1,200 -  $3,000

Silver sponsors pay  part of the cost of a symposium or event.  They receive a quarter-page ad in the program book and acknowledgement on the meeting web site and meeting registration for 1 person per $1,000 contribution.  There will also be acknowledgement at the events that they sponsor.

Bronze Sponsor                    Up to $1,200